Hello! My name is Rachel Reimer and I am a Medical Intuitive. My job is to help someone understand why they aren’t feeling well and what steps they can take to start on their journey towards better health. I accomplish this through someone’s name and a recent picture to get my insights.

I created Rae of Hope LLC with the intention of lovingly providing a Rae of Hope on one's journey.  It is important to me that people that have been given up on still have options if they wish to improve their lives.  My company, Rae of Hope LLC, believes that the body has the ability to heal itself at the physical, emotional and spiritual level.  Our physical symptoms are merely physical manifestations of how we feel on the inside.  To change physical symptoms, one must address their thoughts and beliefs.  Once this starts to occur, the body starts to function better and the individual has a deeper sense of who they are.  



When working with providers, I provide physical, emotional and spiritual insights as to why a physical disease/condition/symptom has manifested in a patient (with the patient’s permission). Within my insights, I will provide the body’s priority and treatment options with the least amount of symptoms/physical repercussions from my perspective. At the end of discussing each case with a provider, I always encourage them to use their provider discretion and to use my insights as a TOOL and NOT a diagnosis.

Personal Clients

When working with personal clients, I provide emotional and spiritual insights as to why a physical disease/condition/symptom has manifested. After identifying WHY the physical disease/condition/symptom has manifested, I help you understand how to become 100% okay with the stress affecting you. As a result, the physical disease/condition/symptom doesn’t need to remain in the body as a reminder that something is bothering you.