"Rachel is one of the most talented medical intuitives I have met in my career.   She is professional, easy to consult with, and I have found her insight to be exceptionally accurate and helpful.  I work with Rachel for guidance and support with my own patients that I see, as well as on a personal level for my family and myself.  There have been several cases of patients that were not responding to their naturopathic medicine therapies as expected and after incorporating Rachel’s insight, they had great strides in their health.  I highly recommend working with Rachel to integrate her intuitive skills for personal growth or improved client outcomes." Dr. Sara Gomendi

"Rachel has a beautiful gift. For most of my life I have struggled with an array of health issues as well as pain and discomfort in my body. It seems as though I am always chasing symptoms with no answers and no relief. Working with Rachel has completely opened my eyes to how connected every layer of my being is-physical, emotional, mental and spiritual-all working in sync (or in some cases out of sync) with one another. There have been countless times where Rachel was able to see a physical ailment of mine, find the emotional and/or environmental root and make suggestions on how to move forward with healing. Rachel’s gift, as well as compassion and kindness has been incredibly helpful for me. Thank you Rachel!" -Mackinze K.

"I've been working with Rachel for about a year and she has been a beautiful addition to my patient assessment process. My patients also love Rachel's insight, especially the emotional root insight which serves as an empowerment tool for them in their healing journey. Many of the patients who end up in my office have seen multiple doctors and specialist and tried many treatments and are still not feeling better. Rachel has been very helpful with these patients because she is very gifted in finding the body's priority/starting point. I've seen many patients improve based on addressing this priority and working systematically through what the body is ready to work on next. I really can't say enough about how great it is to have Rachel as a resource for my patients and my practice. I highly recommend either working with her as a direct client (and definitely on an ongoing basis), or finding a provider near you who works with her. Her work is truly holistic and fits wonderfully with my philosophy on healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually."  - Dr. Joy Bozzo

"Through conversations with Rachel, I was able to realize that the healthiest thing I can do for myself is to take ownership of my own body and mind. That what I perceived to be ‘normal' discomforts in my own life, could actually be caused by my own (sub)conscious thoughts; and to work through/heal these emotional causes is to ultimately heal your body. Rachel was able to intuit details of my life that had been manifesting for years. It was in conversations about these things that she helped me to think deeper, and more importantly, to be honest with myself about what the emotional root(s) could be. I’ve seen my day-to-day stomach pains & skin break outs subside (or disappear altogether) as I own up to my own self criticisms and start to truly appreciate the way my [quirky/critical] mind works." - James O.