The Process for Personal Clients

The Process for Personal Clients

*Any print in "bold" leads to a page.


1.  Email Rachel Reimer at if you are interested in becoming one of her personal clients. 

2. Please click the bold "Intake Form" text to complete intake form(s) to work with Rae of Hope LLC.

-Fill out the Intake Form

-Click the Gold "Submit Button".  When the form has submitted, you will see "Thank You!"


3. Next, please click the bold "Services for Personal Clients" text to see what services Rae of Hope LLC offers.  Once you have selected an option(s), purchase that service(s) by clicking on the designated purchase button(s).  

4. Then, click the bold "Consultation Form" text to access the form to submit to Rae of Hope LLC and follow these instructions: 

-Fill out the Consultation Form

-Click the Gold "Submit Button".  When the form has submitted, you will see "Thank You!" 

-Click the Red "Upload a Recent Picture Button"

-Click "From Computer"   (Make sure your picture includes your full name)

-Click "Upload"

-A confirmation page will say "Thanks! You're All Done"


5. After these intake form(s) are complete, Rachel Reimer through Rae of Hope LLC will examine your intake form(s) and answer your five questions from the Consultation Form to the best of her ability within seven business days via her email address  

6.  Once you have read through your results, you can reply once in her email thread for any clarity on your results.

7.  If you wish to have more clarity on your results past one reply in her email thread you can purchase a "Phone Add On" by clicking on the bold for a 30 minute phone conversation with Rachel Reimer and click the bold to "Schedule" that. 

8.  When you would like another reading in general, please follow steps 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 (optional).  

9.   At times, personal clients wish to get results quickly.  To get results within 48 hours during the business week, please purchase an additional "Emergency Add On" by clicking on the bold.