Rachel Reimer and HIPAA


Rachel Reimer & HIPAA

Rachel Reimer from Rae of Hope LLC is not a medical doctor or licensed health care practitioner, and does not claim to be one.  However, out of respect for the nature of her work, she does her best to follow HIPAA guidelines out of respect for the patient.  

-Each Healthcare Provider will sign a contract with Rae of Hope LLC that explains how Rachel Reimer works. 

-Each Healthcare Provider has the opportunity to ask Rachel Reimer to sign a Business Associate Contract.  If a Healthcare Provider works alone and does not have a Business Associate Contract drafted, they can find a HIPAA compliant sample here.  

-Each patient will give verbal and written consent to the Healthcare Provider that they would like Rachel Reimer to provide spiritual insight to the Healthcare Provider on any visit or matter that they have in regards to their health.  If a patient does not want Rachel Reimer's spiritual insight, they can express so, preferably in a written manner, to the Healthcare Provider.  Rachel Reimer does not hear or see the verbal or written consent from the patient.  The Healthcare Provider is responsible for ensuring the patient wishes to have their information shared with Rae of Hope LLC.  

-To work on a patient's case, Rachel Reimer asks that a Healthcare Provider submit a case via her procedures here.  Rachel Reimer will respond to a patient's case submitted by their Healthcare Provider via phone and/or email.  Rachel Reimer will also respond to any other miscellaneous patient matter that a Healthcare Provider has via phone/and or email. 

-Rachel Reimer does not directly communicate with patients unless requested by the patient during the Healthcare Provider's appointment (and a phone consultation fee is provided).  In this case, the patient, Healthcare Provider and Rachel Reimer are present at all times during the conversation. 

-Rae of Hope LLC's privacy practice notice: A patient's information will not be shared without the patient's consent past Rae of Hope LLC.  During interviews, Rachel Reimer will occasionally discuss cases she has worked on, however will protect the patient's identity.  If a patient feels like Rae of Hope LLC violated this privacy practice, please email raeofhope.medicalintuitive@gmail.com to submit your complaint.  The staff at Rae of Hope LLC will communicate with you to help resolve your concern.  Privacy practice notice complaints for healthcare providers in general can be submitted to the secretary of HHS.  

-Here is a link that provides a summary of the HIPAA Privacy Rule for any other questions or concerns.