About Rachel Reimer

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My name is Rachel Reimer and I am a Medical Intuitive.  I have the ability to see, hear and feel information from a person's name and a recent picture.  It took me a while to figure out that not everyone could do this, and it has led me on my journey of becoming uniquely me.  

I provide spiritual insight to healthcare and/or mental health professionals on clients that want to know more about their health and/or are "stuck".   These insights help clients understand possible physical, emotional or spiritual roots that are preventing them from better health.   

Additionally, I have personal clients that I provide spiritual insight to for possible emotional and spiritual roots that may be preventing them from better health.  I do not work on potential physical roots with personal clients.  They must work with a provider that I also work with.  If you are a personal client that needs a provider that I work with, please click on the bold "Need A Provider?".  

I believe in my business because someone needs to help the people that are being "tossed aside".  Several years ago on my own healing journey, I had doctor after doctor give up on me and tell me nothing was wrong with my body.  That "I was making up my symptoms for attention".  I felt like I was alone and that I was the only person that believed that something was wrong.  It is my greatest hope and desire to help prevent the suffering of others when they are ready and to provide a Rae of Hope.