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Rachel's Facebook Page consists primarily of personal paranormal stories and sparks of insight on emotional and spiritual beliefs. 


Truth + Dare 8-8-18

"Have you ever had a pesky health condition pop up that you can’t seem to find answers for? You visit the doctor, do all the “right” things, and still…. no relief.

Are you nodding your head agreeing? So are we. We have both been there and know how frustrating it can be.

Sometimes, when you’ve exhausted all other options it’s time to think outside the box.

Enter today’s guest: Medical intuitive Rachel Reimer. 

Medical intuitive? Say wha?! Yeah, we thought the same thing… which is why we knew we HAD to have her on the show.

Here’s how it works: Rachel provides spiritual insight to health care or mental health professionals on clients that want to know more about their health or that feel stuck with their current health situation. These insights help clients understand possible physical, emotional or spiritual roots that are preventing them from better health. Rachel receives her intuitive messages in the form of images, sounds, or feelings.

…. yeah, it’s pretty cool. Here are some of the things we discussed during this exchange:

  • Rachel’s story: how she learned she had intuitive gifts and what is was like to start using them.

  • How the intuitive reading process goes down when you are one of Rachel’s clients.

  • What it’s like to have a metaphysical gift and how to OWN it.

  • What’s missing from the modern medical community.

  • And the importance of decoding the physical, emotional and spiritual roots of our symptoms.

Oh and we almost forgot the best part: she does a reading on us! Right there on the spot. Obviously, we were 100% down to get our woo-woo on and we were pretty intrigued by the things that she shared about us.


Ready to hack your health and get metaphysical? Listen in!" - Carly & Allie


Healing Uncensored 7-29-18

"Today, my guest is Rachel Reimer, she is a Medical Intuitive who has the ability to see, hear, and feel information from a person's name and a recent picture. 

Rachel created Rae of Hope LLC with the intention of lovingly providing a Rae of Hope on one's journey. Our physical symptoms are merely physical manifestations of how we feel on the inside. To change physical symptoms, one must address their thoughts and beliefs. Once this starts to occur, the body starts to function better and the individual has a deeper sense of who they are.

This episode got super personal AND powerful.

Come listen as Rachel and I dissect what it means to heal on an energetic level as we work through MY personal limiting beliefs.

It's a juicy one, tribe!!" - Sarah Small


Light News Radio 4-11-18

Here is a live show that Rachel Reimer did with Light News Radio.  Within this show, Rachel discusses her perspective on if we cause our own disease or if it is God's punishment.  The hosts for this show were Dr. J and Deirde.  


The Love Yourself Podcast 4-5-18

"For today's episode, I am beyond thrilled to finally introduce my beautiful friend and incredible medical intuitive, Rachel Reimer! Rachel and I have been working very closely together for a while now, and its been magical to mesh our work together to help individuals find health and wellness. I'll be sharing info about a big project we are working on together to help people heal their false beliefs, so be sure to stay until the end! Rachel actually did a reading for me (on myself) back in 2017 to give me some more insight into the root cause of my health concerns then. Halfway into the episode, we actually take out my chart and start interpreting the results! You'll even see Rachel doing her magic live! 

In this episode, you will also hear:

  • Rachel’s story - how she developed her intuitive gifts

  • How honing her skills was “like a game”

  • How she uses her skills today to serve physicians and other medical professionals

  • How she can pinpoint the moment that the emotional root of your physical health problems

  • No matter who you work with, use your own intuition to decide what you want to listen to and take in and what you don’t want and lovingly release the rest! You decide what it means to you!

  • Listen to Rachel’s process LIVE!!

  • Stay til the end to hear how Rachel’s skills helped to SAVE a young mom’s LIFE!" - Jessica May Tang


The Real Food RN Wellness Podcast 3-14-18

"Rachel Reimer is a Medical Intuitive.  She was born and raised in Marion, Iowa with the ability to see two different dimensions. From a young age, she has been able to see, feel, and hear things from the spiritual realm. Every day she was extremely anxious and didn’t understand how to separate spirit from the physical world. As time has gone on, she has begun to understand her talents and has realized that she has a knack for providing information on health challenges." - Kate Doubler RN


Em Dash Podcast 03-13-18

"Meet Rachel Reimer, a self-described "Medical Intuitive, senior in college, and Millennial." According to her website, she "provide[s] spiritual insight to health care or mental health professionals on clients that want to know more about their health and/or are 'stuck'....Messages that [she] receive[s] can come in the form of images, sounds, or feelings.."   In this episode, Rachel and I talk about her experiences as a patient as well as about her experiences as a "medical intuitive" who interacts with healthcare professionals." - Dr. Kimberly Acquaviva


Beyond the Darkness 01-08-18

"BEYOND the DARKNESS is has a Ph.D in Strange Phenomena & asks you to turn your head and cough as we take a look inside the paranormal with Medical Intuitive Rachel Reimer. Rachel Reimer is a medical intuitive. From a young age she has been able to feel & see things. While recovering from a debilitating health challenge, she was forced to confront her gifts. Since recovering, she has been able to see, feel and hear things from spirit specifically related to health challenges. Some funny...and some are altogether terrifying." -Dave Schrader