How Does Rachel Reimer Get Her Information?


How Does Rachel Reimer Get Her Information?

Rachel has the ability to see a variety of shapes, colors and symbols that help her navigate any dysfunction going on in the body, mind and/or soul.  She uses the shapes, colors and symbols while investigating the body.  

When Rachel works with providers on patients, she will go through different organs in the body and see what percentage each is functioning at.  To her, it looks like the speedometer on a car.  While looking at the different organs in the body, Rachel may see shapes, colors or symbols that help her pinpoint specific things affecting an organ.  For example, when Rachel sees Red Soldiers in a organ, that is her symbol for a virus.  Rachel can not diagnose, however she expresses patterns of what symbols she has seen and what patients have later been diagnosed with.  A red circle will appear around an organ in the body and Rachel understands that the body would like to support that organ as its priority.  When that organ gains support, the rest of the body will start to feel supported and will start to heal. 

Additionally, Rachel works with providers on patients and personal clients on emotional roots.  Rachel will ask spirit to guide her as to what the specific emotional root is for that person's physical, emotional or spiritual problem.  Louise Hay provides an excellent reference guide for the basics as to why a symptom develops.  Rachel's work allows her to recognize the specific thought or event that caused that symptom.  As an example, two people may be rejecting something (vomiting) for two completely separate reasons.  One person may be scared to leave their spouse while another may be upset from a parent dying.  To Rachel, it is important to figure out the exact cause of the symptom.  In doing so, it will help an individual cope and transform that belief to handle their stress/trauma.    

Lastly, Rachel works with providers on patients and personal clients on spiritual roots.  Rachel will ask spirit if there are any lessons that the patient or personal client need to know to progress.  At times, this can be as simple as "making time for one's self" and that is why the person is ill.  Their body, emotions and soul MADE them take the day off to "make time for one's self".  Rachel also does believe in various energetic things that can make people ill.  An entity can and typically will prey off of fear and/or those with spiritual gifts.  To address this issue in her personal life, Rachel will drink sage tea or will smudge with Sage.  At times, she may also use Holy Water.  For the patients and personal clients that she works with emotionally, Rachel will try to find the root of an individual's fear to starve the entity. 

Although Rachel does see the good and bad sides of energetic beings, she chooses not to professionally communicate with them.  Rachel is not a professional medium or a professional exorcist despite forwarding messages along occasionally to help with healing process.