Case Example

Case Summary:

“25 yo F PTC with long history of eczema treated historically since childhood with steroids. She has been off steroids (topical and oral) for about a year and eczema has come back severely. Patient was treated with Chinese med doctor in the beginning of the year with some success on reducing pain and redness, but not size of the lesions. Lesions are on the face, neck, shoulders, and arms bilaterally. Photos are of patient reported 4/10 severity. Lesions got worse in Oct while visiting brother in Seattle. Lesions flare before menses and get better once menses starts. History of migraines. Patient is doing a vegan diet currently, was doing an "eczema diet" previously. Periods are around 30-35 days long.”

Current Medications/supplements/treatments:

Topically: Eucerin Heavy Cream (with Tea Tree Oil), Epsom Salt Baths

Internally: Glycine, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Biotin, Skin Friendly AM & PM, Vitamin E, Chromium, Vitamin B12

Diet: Ezcema Diet

Physical, Emotional & Spiritual insights from Rachel:


Chart: Click here

Priority: Skin

Findings: Viral autoimmune challenge affecting the skin and liver.

Medications/Supplements/Treatments that feel helpful:

-Immuplex (Standard Process) (Viral Killer) 1-0-0

-Spanish Black Radish (Standard Process) (Liver Drainage) 1-1-0

-Carrot Juice (Organic Carrots) (Liver Drainage) 2 Carrots Each Morning

-Skin Friend AM and Skin Friend PM (Current Dose)

-Iron Extra (Vitanica) (Iron) 1-0-0

*Foods High in Vitamin D & Current Diet

Emotionally: Liver-> Self-> Ongoing Issue-> “No one cares to help me.”

Spiritually: “Denial that she has the ability to show up for herself.”

Provider Update 3 Months Later:

“Patient is feeling stable and no longer feels the need to purchase Skin Friend AM and Skin Friend PM from Australia. She is journaling 3x per week about how she can take control of her life and is now doing physical exercise 2-3x per week (boxing, yoga, cardio etc).”

Miscellaneous Notes Via Phone: Provider reports that patient no longer has large red patches over the body that turn colors as she talks about different stressors in her life.