A Dental Hygienist

Today I went to a new dentist. Upon arriving, a nice woman in scrubs pointed me to the main entrance from her beautiful white car. (I wish I could be a bit more descriptive with the car but I don't know anything about cars.)

I sat and filled out the paperwork and was escorted back into a private cleaning room. The bright-smiled woman that showed me the main entrance entered the room and introduced me as her dental hygienist.

She did a very thorough set of x-rays, a gum analysis and various other tests. While in the room, I observed some different items.

One item was a cross with a sincere message on it and another item had a verse from the chapter John.

As she leaned me back in my chair, her ceiling was covered with different dental memes. I made a comment, smiled and proceeded to open my mouth for the cleaning.

I started to notice that the room became more and more crowded. A few white figures were in the outline of the room. They had a serving and protecting mentality. In front of them, were a few more prevalent figures that had wings. These more prevalent figures had different colors to them. One was light blue (which I interpret as Arch Angel Garbriel), another green (which I interpret as Arch Angel Raphael), and the other one orange (which I interpret as Arch Angel Michael).

Each prevalent colored figure was handling other business (picture parents at a baseball game on their phone) but would jump in to add information or support when needed; as my teeth were getting cleaned.

While reclined on the chair, I thought that this was such a cool experience that this person has welcomed this kind of help into their work space. I wanted to speak up but hesitated at the thought of "making things awkward."

You always have help, support and guidance with you if you ask for it. Just don't be upset if you can't see it. One day you will. Remember all the shit that our parents went through that we never saw to help us? Picture the same thing. Take a moment to pause, listen and act or enjoy.