Picking up the Weight

When I put a lot of my time, effort and energy into something, I tend to have a back lash from the negative side of spirit. Here is the closest picture that I can paint:

Imagine you haven’t worked out for a while but would really like to start. Your intention in doing so is to make yourself better in some capacity. Now image as you take a weight off of the shelf and someone throws it across the room. Not only do you have to spend the time and energy to go get the weight but now you have evidence for your ego telling you that you can’t do it. How many time would you allow this to happen before you say “I quit. I’m done. I can’t make this work.”?

Whenever this pattern starts to happen to me, I continue to go get the weight. As I am retrieving the weight, I tell myself, “These things don’t want you do to well and help other people. They can keep throwing my weight but I am still going to get exercise going back and forth to retrieve it.”