Do You Really Want to Know?

Do you really want to know everything? If you had the ability to know things, potentially even painful things, would you want to know? Your death? If you will develop an illness? If your partner has cheated on you?

Knowing information isn’t a great reason to change your actions. Your desire to always respect yourself is. Let’s say you found out that you have cancer. You could have two motivations for change. One could be, “I am going to do all of these things until I don’t have cancer because I don’t want to die.” Another motivation could be, “I want to start showing up for myself physically, emotionally and spiritually because I respect myself enough to know that I don’t have to suffer if I don’t want to.” (Yes, suffering is a choice. Sit and be angry/resentful/upset by that statement if needed in private.)

You don’t need someone else to tell you that you aren’t in great physical, emotional, or spiritual shape already. Take a moment to gain awareness of where you are currently at, what you want to do with what you have (out of respect for yourself) and choose resources that help you maintain respect for yourself.