You Are Okay

Take a moment of silence to see what fears/beliefs pop up. No matter how trivial these fears/beliefs sound when you say them out loud, they can feel like life or death situations. Remember that your ego is telling you these things to take care of you. That sounds weird. How on Earth is scaring me out of doing something that may help me much better in the long-run suppose to be for my greatest good? Your ego is focused on survival and not your long-term benefit. It doesn’t care if you are miserable, it cares if you survive. As a human being, what your intention here? Is it to survive or to grow? If it is to survive and only to survive, then listen to your ego. If you follow it, your ego will say you are okay but you will feel miserable. If you listen to your soul, you will be shaking in your boots afraid to take another step further. Your ego will tear you apart and try to destroy you because it wants to keep you safe. Your response can be, “I would rather live a legacy and respect of trying what I want to do then living safely and dying for nothing.”