My name is Rachel Reimer and I am a Medical Intuitive.  I have the ability to see, hear and feel information from a person's name and a recent picture.  It took me a while to figure out that not everyone could do this, and it has led me on my journey of becoming uniquely me.  

I created Rae of Hope LLC with the intention of lovingly providing a Rae of Hope on one's journey.  It is important to me that people that have been given up on still have options if they wish to improve their lives.  My company, Rae of Hope LLC, believes that the body has the ability to heal itself at the physical, emotional and spiritual level.  Our physical symptoms are merely physical manifestations of how we feel on the inside.  To change physical symptoms, one must address their thoughts and beliefs.  Once this starts to occur, the body starts to function better and the individual has a deeper sense of who they are.  


Spiritually: The hard layer to tackle and very effective

Emotionally: The moderate layer to tackle and highly effective

Physically: The easy layer to tackle and the most ineffective


To utilize my work, I work with providers and personal clients.  I work with healthcare providers to help them understand possible physical, emotional and spiritual roots that may be keeping a patient from getting better. 

Additionally, I work with personal clients to help them understand possible emotional and spiritual roots that may be contributing to their illness.  Unfortunately, I do not provide physical insights to personal clients.  If a personal client would like physical insights, they can become a patient with a provider that I work with.  Click here to see a list of providers that I work with. 

If you are a provider that would like to work with me, please click here.

If you are a personal client that would like to work with me, please click here.


To learn a little bit more about me, you can search through my media information here.  You can also check out what success others have gotten through working with Rae of Hope LLC by clicking here.


I wish you the best of luck on your journey towards better health.  With Love -Rachel Reimer